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About pseudoprosciutto: As of July 2016 I am in the 'still new and excited about the possibilities that I can't yet even wrap my head around' phase. I have had Ableton for a couple years but only started using it about 15 months ago. Ableton is a completely new direction in music for me to go. I grew up playing piano and from highschool on I had been in bands doing the band stuff. After losing all my equipment in a house fire, which happened a week after I sobered up (hopefully for the last time), I found myself given a blank slate and decided to start fresh and in a new direction. Essentially a rebirth of artistic direction (not only in music but in performance art, photography, film and visual media). So during that time of realizing the blank slate for what it was and the ability to get new equipment to help forge the direction I wanted to go in, I decided it's time I dig into Ableton. Musically I am still finding my sound for my new productions. I decided from here on out, with help of Ableton and from working in the theatre world, to think in form of productions. Im no longer going to create a set list to play live (unless Im invited to play in a band... thats their project). I want to create productions for my personal art and have the end be nothing less. I want to mix all the art I enjoy to be something more than just a musician playing on a stage.
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