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@ adammantium
just realized that multiple surfaces are possible only in latest beta

hope you got the product now, there was a change in shop backend. if not please get in touch with support @

@ adammantium
the live modes & pptc modes on one grid, we cant do that ... but
you can use i.e. two launchpads and use one for normal live control surface mode (with session clips or melodic mode) and the other one permanentely switched to pptc mode. you also can use a combination of i.e. push & launchpads.

as i undrestand it you want the preest to be recalled on press and the resetted to the settings you camfrom on release ....
right now that takes 2 presses .. first trigger your 'null preset' then you hit button for momentary effect, then (quickly) you hit again the 'null' preset.

two or three presets ... just hit 3 buttons at the same time ... i dont know if i understand what you imagine here ...

hope i got it right .. thanks for letting me know the ideas!


you have "realtime" save/recall to your presets from your push/lp/midikeys,
no drag and drop of devices just to recall presets
change preset just of one part of a bigger chain.
you can think of it more like super-automation than "i put in new devices with other settings" approach. but theres more ...
to get more of a feeling for it maybe a look into the manual could help and you can check the videos, too.
best, chris


maybe you can gat in contact via email and can elaborate a bit on the reason it didnt fit with you workflow? Would be highly appreciated!


concerning support for more controllers, we are wading through all the 8*8 grid options one by one. right now, you can go the luxury route with push or, as a cheaper option use launchpads or if you can bear working without visual feedback use a generc controller. but it takes time and on the wish list there are still launchpad pro & akai mpc mini. but i can be persuaded to shift priorities if anyone can provide a controller for testing :)

concerning randomizing devices in a configurable way: that looks like an idea to consider for trackPresets or maybe a seperate device ... noted



updated to v1.507

Morphing of Presets in the most performable way I can imagine right now will be in version 2, given no technical problems out of our scope arise. But so far its looking good. Of course I can give no date yet as we've just begun to hack together & play around with stuff that will be done for version 2.


>a) Can this save mixer settings?

trackPresets itself saves parameters of devices sitting on the tracl, not the track parameters like send vol. if you had such a device on the track, that controlls this tracks sends, vol, pan) then these parameters will be saved in trackPresets. if it doesn't exist yet sounds like a handy device ;)

b) Can you constrain which settings you don't want saved (no sends, for example. Or no new preceding devices)

trackPresets simply saves all parameters on the same level (track or chain ) so in theory if you put a device for sends in an effect rack you can 'hide' this effect from trackPresets

c) Can you save mixer settings across multiple tracks. For example ALL fader positions?

been looking into this kind of thing. hopefully will end up in a mixer preset device. maybe something that saves all sends in the same group where the mixerPreset device sits. is on the list, thats all i can say right now.

d) And +1 for morphing between two preset positions!

right now i morph between presets in arrangement ...
i record automation by triggering the presets , the simply edit the sharp transitions i get in the automation lines...

technically it may be a little dangerous perfromance wise if a lot of parameters change from one preset to the next. anyway ill note the idea.



support for generic midicontrollers has been added in version 1.103.
right now we are looking into saving of presets from the midi controllers directly (so i.e righthand -> parameter tweaking, left hand preset saving). furthermore we are experimenting how it all can be made to integrate smoothly with abletons push controller.

we are discussing a good way to add support for that right now. will let you know when we have something to show, hopefully soon :)
best regards,