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Aicd Version 1.0
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@broah Thanks! Tbh I haven't actually done anything with it yet. I just thought it was a cool idea and became fascinated by the problem space (assignment problem, Hungarian algorithm etc). My initial intended use case was to automatically create subtle transitions from one drum pattern to another (or possibly bass lines).

I also would love to hear about actual uses of the device :)

The settings for random mode now flip out to the side in v1.2 (click the little dot next to Random to toggle settings).

@hatyn I can't repro. Which version of Live are you using? Can you provide steps to repro (preferably based on a fresh set)?

I've checked: AFAICT the "Parameter Visibility" cannot be set through attributes at runtime. You can easily edit the device to disable undo for patterns, though: Open Max, Uunfreeze device, select the "patternStep" object (the live.step sequencer object) and set "Pattern Visibility" to "Hidden", save the device.

@mafgar Thanks! I can't repro the issue, though. Playback starts in sync with the arrangement position (the bars-beats-units counter at the top next to the play button in Live) which doesn't have to be at the beginning of a bar.

@broah Thanks! I'll check if I can make it configurable. I want to keep a way to go back to a previous pattern, though.

@telkmx Did you use v1.1? If so, can you provide steps to repro?

Sorry, fixed in version 1.1. Max seems to do this automatically when the project setting "Keep project folder organized" is enabled.