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genbeat - generative and polyrhythmic sequencer Version 1.0
genstep16 - a generative step sequencer Version 2.0
grainfields - granular synthesizer for monome Version 1.0
binaural jit Version 1.0

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Hi all,

The issues you are experiencing are related to Java and Windows. The current version is developed on a Mac, and the issue seems primarily to exist on Windows.

I received a possible fix from another Windows user for you to try out:

Let me know if this works out for you guys.


@slurred: Hi, yes. The devices are using a couple of java-classes. If Max can't load the classes, they need to be put into the 'java>classes' inside the Cycling '74 folder. Some people are experiencing this issue, and I'm working on a fix for this.


@encoderaudio: Thank you very much! I really appreciate it.

You are of course very welcome to contact me.

My email is:

Hi policarpo,

Thank you for the notice. I'll have a look at the issue and see if I can work out a fix.


Hi NeonBreath,

Well I've actually tried to make it as easy as possible to set up in Ableton. It's of course a problem if you can't make the connection work. I've also had some issues with serialosc before - have you experienced this before?

First of all - which version of serialosc do you have installed on your computer?

What kind kind of monome do you have? These devices are only tested with a 128 varibright grid.

Alternatively, you could test the standalone version, and see if this works - download: