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Hallo Crampe,
tried to do what You asked for. See latest upload!
Thanks for Your interest!
Best wishes,

Hi Crampe,
Thanks again for your interest. Will think about "live_set view highlighted_clip_slot clip" and try to code it!
Uploaded a imporved version of the device, mainly because I found a silly bug!
Fund many devices you uploaded: respect!
Will notify You!
Once again; Thank You!

Thanks for your comment Cramps!
I first used "live_set view highlighted_clip_slot clip", but had problems, when the device is loaded and no clip was highlighted.
So i decided to choose the safe way.
Your right, the duration and lenght label is not very clear and incomplete. 1 means half note and so on.
That with the foating window would be very cool. Do know how to do it?
Taking the velocity from the incoming note is easy.
I can change it!