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About happymachine: I make music and a little programming
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Break Machine Version 1.0
Slide Machine Version 0.9
Jogwheel Machine Version 0.9

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Really? That's very strange, what is your setup? I have no such problem on my computer

Thanks :)
If you have other questions don't hesitate to write me:

@ Anivia
Thank you for your comments :)
Actually I waited BT's plugins for years and was disapointed with the approach iZotope chose when they were finally published.
Stutter edit is nice but it's exhausting to edit presets. I wanted to make a plugin like this with ONE automatable parameter for the speed.
And Break Tweaker is a drum machine, impossible to process audio from a mic for instance.

As for your issue, I didn't experienced it! If I delete the track after I automated the spee (even though the sound is playing) I can undo my action in one click!
Are you sure it has not something to do with your version of M4L/Live?

Hey @newmodernscience !
I thought about all those features, but I endend up not to add them for some reasons.
- I don't plan to charge this since it's more a prototype than a regularly final version. Additionally, the concept has already been ported to VST/AU plugins (see Stutter Edit, Break Tweaker)
- The preset system is a good idea, I might work on this if I have time!
- At first I wanted to make a "jamming" version of Break Machine, with an XY pad. The current version is Studio-oriented, that's why it's so exhausting to use. I might also work on a more friendly/live-oriented version

Anyway thank you for your comments and for using it ;)

Thanks! I can't wait to see some people using it!