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About ekaku: composer for film and multimedia | based in NYC | rack addict
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No way, this is fantastic! :D Such a great tool to help with proper gainstaging. I will keep it as a default on my master.

Thanks a lot for sharing your work. :D

Just found a bug, with program change mapped to an automated macro, live.button (2) starts randomly toggling on and off, and recording automation. Any way to fix this?

Thanks! :D

This is incredible, thank you so much! Is is incredibly useful for film scoring :)

BTW, link is broken here's the right one

super useful, thanks a lot!

This is really helpful, thank you!

Awesome device, thank you!

Great little problem solver, thanks!

This is great, thank you! It's now a default on all my vsl and kontakt racks. :) There is one minor thing, where after changingthe names of the articulations wouldn't update. Simply saving it again solves that problem though.