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VELO Velocity Mapper Version 1.3
PONG Exponential Note Repeater Version 1.3
NYLON Chord Generator Version 1.1

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Hey zeep, sending in your own chords and then transforming it into a guitar stroke sure is a good idea. It would be easy to implement for prearranged Midi input, where all chord notes arrive at the same time and can then be distributed in time. But for live performance – realtime playing of chords from a keyboard – this is much harder to achieve: Each chord note will arrive with a natural delay, due to human imperfection of hitting the keys at exactly the same time. Output of a guitar stroke however can only be started once the complete chord is there, so the device has to wait for a certain amount of time to collect all the notes. This will introduce latency and make live playing pretty annoying I would assume. But I'll think about it, maybe there is some solution with passing the first note directly and only holding back the following ones...

Thanks, I fixed that, CC mapping should work again.

No, curves behave the same in both directions. But it depends on what you've set as initial speed: If initial is set to 1/4 and maximum at 1/16, then a curve of 50 should take the same time to hit the maximum as it would take a curve of -50 to hit a minimum of 1/4 with initial set to 1/16.

Thanks guys, glad you're having fun with it.

I really like the UI, nice job with the color scheme!