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About cubedj: Cube is a young Czech DJ and producer, born in Most, Czech Republic in 1985. He was touched by the music production in the early age of 14. The quality of his production intensely increased since then, which proved a couple trance EP’s at that time released by Bonzai/Banshee – Total Digital Records.

He sticked to this genre until the end of 2007, when he felt a need for a change. He hasn’t gave up on melodies completely, but started to harden his style as well as his sets. He was attracted by harder and more progressive motives of techno, which would give his production the right and original touch. Currently, he identifies his producton, without categorizing, as techno, though it combines more styles such as progressive, minimal, and techno. Most important is, that this music, whether it’s his production or in his sets, creates original, energic, and uncompromising impression.

Cube started with djing in 2001, initially using turntables and Final Scratch 2.0 technology, which allowed to revive his sets using loops and his own compositions, while maintaining the classic feel of playing vinyl. Nowadays, his live performance is combination of djing and Live PA act, where thanks to Ableton Live technology controlled with Akai APC40 gives possibility of mixing many tracks, loops, reworks or own productions together and moreover are all his sets signed by use for him so typically sounding effects. All this together combined with constant improving of technical skills, is what makes Cube's live performance so unique and unmistakable. Many clubs were enriched by his live sets all over the Czech Republic, Slovakia, but also in Germany, Belgium or Netherlands. Recently, you were able to see him behind the decks only with his partner – CZScream. Usually they are playing simultaneously from two mixpults at once and due to their compatible sense fot the rhythm, they both complement each other perfectly, which makes quite extraordinary impression of their live performances, so they have no difficulty to fill the dancefloor with their bouncy rhythmical techno in matter of seconds.

Cube’s fixed goal is to conquer Czech techno scene with a help of his own production. But in the near future he is fixed on finishing his own album, from which he wants to hear some of the top DJs playing his tracks.
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