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About beatbutcher: Tony Beatbutcher is fingerdrummer, producer and DJ. Not leaving his studio for days, he delivers a clash of heavybass music, hip hop and fusion music to give the people what they want... Bouncing and pumping dance music!!! Between 2006 and 2008 he worked as a DJ in Brazil and started producing music. When the "morning surf" was finished he spent the rest of the day making beats, sent some to the Motorola contest MotoMix,(a competition for young producers in the line of Red Bull Music Academy) and was selected as a winner out of 2600 producers. Ever since he performed successfully in Sao Paulo and Rio De Janeiro. Around 2009 he returned back to Belgium to work on his live set. The Drum Pad Show was born. A solo project in which Tony Beatbutcher combines his drumpads with self-made MIDI controllers, synths and a scratch table. In december 2010 he became worldchampion with his Dj-scratch Team for the the I.D.A. competition in Poland. Now he works for Ableton Live and Push as demostrator/product-specialist for Belgium and Luxemburg
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