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Hello JGJP,

Thanks for your response. Just one thing: I don't understand your question :-). Normally, muting a track (with a green switch on) always needs to be just 1 step in the undo history (like all other actions in Ableton you like to undo). So when I mute/unmute a track, and the timing of the mute/unmute action in my working process, don't matter to fix the problem, or am I wrong?

I'm really grateful you take this case serious, I hope you can fix this bug.

Many thanks in advance!


I am a professional user of Ableton and the Green Switch utility tool is a brilliant idea. I tested both the audio and midi version. On first sight, everything looked ok... but... I found out that the tools are messing with my undo history. When I insert the tool on a track, I can only go back a few steps in my undo history, and then the undo history keeps undoing steps of Green Switch (although I never changed the parameters of the inserted Green Switch).
1. I insert a Green Switch on a midi track
2. I start editing my arrangement
3. After 10 MINUTES of editing and recording I want to use my undo command
4. I can only go back a few steps in my undo history, after this, Ableton keeps undoing parameters of Green Switch endlessly (although I never changed any parameter of the Green Switch)

I hope my observations are clear to you. I really hope you can fix this bug so everybody could use this 2 tools, the idea is great and extremely useful. Thanks for developing and creating this ! Please keep me posted on the subject matter if possible.

Greetings, Pieter