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"The knobs are mapped reasonably sensibly to the Push and follow the same layout as the hardware."

Thank you very much for being one of a small minority of M4L devs who think about the Push... I wish Ableton would do more about this.

Are there individual controls for the filter envelope stages (ADSR)?

I recommend making this available on a donation basis!

It's not clear what this device is for. It almost certainly is not for automating muting of Rytm tracks since this requires separate MIDI channels for each track and Live doesn't allow MIDI tracks to send to more than one MIDI channel...

Thanks, is there any chance you can implement sample upload to the Rytm mk1? Elektron has abandoned this already to force people to buy their new expensive boxes. Uploading via c6 is a joke (unusable).

Cannot mute from the plugin, the MIDI out box says "Fail". Muting from the Rytm lights up the corresponding button on the plugin but the other way around doesn't work. Do I need to enable Remote Input for the Rytm on Live's preferences?

Can you please implement mute buttons that can be mapped to MIDI notes on Push?


Hello. Can you please allow us to rename the knobs and can you optimize this for Push so that only the 8 knobs and their names show on the Push display?

"Dial 1" , "Dial 2" etc is not very useful!

I tried to edit the Plugin in Max so that I could rename the knobs and try to hide the other controls from Push but it seems to be locked so I cannot change anything.

Thank you. I don't understand why Live doesn't have MIDI CC knobs included in the MIDI effects.

Thank you.

Is this optimised for Push? So that only the 8 knobs (and their names) show on the Push display?