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Scatter and effects only work on the master out (Track 1/2). Individual drum outs using the TR-8 over USB will not be effected by Scatter or FX.

You have to have the master track playing with the effects turned all the way up along with the individual tracks. Pretty stupid on Rolands end. Good luck.

New template sounds awesome btw. Thanks man!

Hey Ryan,

This is Ian (Exposure Therapy on M4L). I didn't see your email address, so I thought I'd shoot you a message first, and I added you on FB. First, immense thank yous for getting back to me so quickly and for something you put out there for free, none the less.

So, I guess my problem is that when I installed these devices, none of them had any midi mappings. So, I did the mapping for the drum devices.

When I get to the other parameters, I obviously can't click on the parameter in Ableton and then move a knob or button on the TR-8, because the TR-8 isn't sending any data out. But, in Ableton I can't manually set the midi cc of a parameter.

I must be missing some key component here. Still pretty new to working with Midi.

Hi Ryan,

Thanks for building this. I am excited to get it going. I have mapped all of the sliders and drum parameters, but for the life of me cannot get any midi data from Scatter, effects, or kit select parameters.

I have tried every midi setting on the device, changed clock settings, and read everything I can get my hands on. It just seems like the machine is not sending data on those channels, so therefore and can't map the plugin the plugin to them.

Am I missing something? Appreciate any tips you may have, and thanks again!