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About ELPHNT: Hi, my name is Tom; I am an Ableton Certified Trainer and music producer from Cape Town, South Africa. I currently produce and perform electronic music as ELPHNT and as one third of the band Original Swimming Party. When I’m not producing music I have a passion for teaching and sharing knowledge of music production with a focus on electronic production and performance using Ableton Live.

I have been teaching Ableton Live since 2011 and was Certified as an Ableton Trainer at the end of 2013. I also run the Cape Town Ableton User Group; we host bimonthly gatherings of the local Ableton community where we share knowledge and experience with fellow Ableton users.

I am also a self-certified music tech nerd; I love nothing more than tinkering with weird synths and tweaking effects to make them do something they shouldn’t. I'm mildly obsessive about detail and design and a self-proclaimed minimalist; I love order (though I still like to let a bit of chaos seep in) and thrive on the serenity of blank space.
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