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Devices by Crampe

AuDi -audio to midi synth- Version 1.1
Rec Midi CC Version 1.0
ClipAutomation Version 1.0
ClipAutomation with encoders LED feedback Version 1.0
ClipAutomation with LED feedback update Version 1.0.1
ClipAutomation update Version 1.0.1
Futility II Version 2.0
Push TouchWheel Version 1.0
SessionLooper Version 1.0
SL4P - Session Looper For Push Version 1.1
Push-Global Quant Version 1.2
Push-Master Volume Version 1.0
Push-ArrangeMode Version 1.1
LF8 Version 1.0
Push Snap n Scale Version 1.0
Panarchy lite - Define your own pan laws Version 1.2
eCo Version 1.4
Panarchy - Define your own pan laws Version 1.2
articulaCtion Version 1.2
outist Version 1.3
BiP - bounce in place Version 1.3
BiP free - bounce in place Version 1.0

Total Downloads: 10,962

Comments by Crampe


v1.4 fixes the "doesn't work inside rack" issue.

I'm aware of this issue, this is due to the fact that I'm populating the articulations in a hack-y way in order to have them displayed on Push while still being able to change them dynamically.
Simply selecting an other track and going back to your original one is another way to solve this "bug", no need to save.

Yeah, this is an issue with computer keyboard mapping and the way the live.button behaves. I have to patch something to hack this behaviour.

Sorry, I haven't notice your message earlier. Is it solved for you?
Do you have exclusive solo activated in your preferences?

Good idea about the punch in/out.
Yeah I probably could make the [rsmpl] optional.
Let's wait for the next update.

Hey Broah,
I suppose having you Cthulu track monitoring set to On isn't an option?
Unfortunately I can't guarantee that this kind of interaction with other M4L devices won't happen.
I'll have a look though, but not in the upcoming days as I'm on a tight deadline.
For the time being I suppose you'll have to live with this annoying Live start up issue.
Coming back to you asap.

Hey Broah,
I could look at the device initialisation and timing things, but I've never experienced this and you're the first and only reporting this.
Do you have any other M4L device that could interact with in your template?

@ mcnaggers
Do you mean a dry/wet ?

Hey bdumaguina
That's very straightforward:
- Put the device before your e.g Kontakt.
- Enter your articulations' names and their corresponding note number in the settings window. Click save and you're done.
- Now you simply change your articulations/keyswitches by drawing automations (the articulations names appear), from the device menu chooser, or from Push (were the articulations names are also displayed).

Track chooser issue is solved.

To those who don't have the right track names appearing in the drop-down menu: are you using L9 by any chance?
This device needs Live 10.

Hi dudes,
Sorry, it looks like there's an issue with the last update.
I'm just coming back home; fixing this asap.
Sorry for the hassle.

Glad to hear that Foule.

"don't work correctly on a bus track with reverb
Minor midi glitches on midi track when using kontakt (don t know it s maybe the time it listens before stop or some..)"

Hi Foule.
I can't reproduce here with return track. I'm surprised as that's how I mainly use it for a few years now, and I've never seen any issue in this area. Let me know if you can find a clue.

about Konktakt. What kind of glitch?
Due to its nature, the first note of a midi instrument has to be delayed by a very very very little amount of time by eCo, because eCo obviously has to turn the instrument On before sending the incoming notes. This delay should be unnoticeable though.
If you could be more detailed about your issue, that'd be of a great help.


"The only thing is that eco turns the plugins back on when you press play and then does not turn them back off if it receives no incoming signal?"

Hi Perken, good catch!
Reproduced here, only with the eCo-m.
Actually, with no incoming signal, eCo turns on, not when starting playback, but stopping it. Can you confirm?
Then it doesn't turned off.

Fixing this asap, thanks a lot for pointing it out!

Hey Broah.
I'm thinking about making some kind of a short teaser, but not sure I'll have time to make a deeper video demo. The wild amount of spatialisation you can get out of this shit is pretty impressive, and I'm not sure yet if I could manage to make a short enough (i.e not boring) video that can be representative of its capabilities.

That's partly why I've decided to patch a free lite version, which hopefully gives a good idea of what the full version can do.


I'm glad this sweet words are coming from you!
I've sent you a mail.

Such a great idea!!!!

Really really interesting device, can't wait to try it out!!

The device is working. There was an issue due to a stupid mistake of mine in the latest update of the device, but it's all fixed now.
People never come back to say "yeah it's fixed", because we usually talk through emails.

Can't wait to try this out !

Hi Stamp,
I'll have a look into that, but not sure when...

Nice device. One little problem though:
Passed 125 ms, the delay parameter stops working, the sequencer stops running actually.

BTW, modulating the Size parameter from the matrix fills up Live undo history. I didn't look inside the device yet so I can't help more for the moment.

Wow ! I haven't came across such an incredible synth since... Oki Computer ! I always had somewhere in my head the wish to replicate it in M4L some day... But thanks to you it's now done, and how great it is !
Mind blowing, you've just stopped me from going to sleep.
Amazing piece of software, I'm astonished.
IMHO there's no good synth done in M4L except for Granulator, Phase Distortion Synth, and your BlitterSynth.
I love it.
Thanks a lot for sharing this.

The undo problem doesn't looked solved actually.
But great device.

Hi Christian,
I don't know if you noticed it, but this devices crashes Max 7 (and Live/M4L using Max 7 editor).

Hi Hemau,
Nice update.
What I was actually suggesting with the highlighted_clip_slot and the floating window ideas was a way to make this device "universal". Like, you put it on any midi track and it can step record on any selected clip on any track, no need to use several devices.
And as you use .js it would maybe be even easier to monitor what midi is arriving into Live.
The midi is always monitored by the device and simply fills the selected clip when desired with steprecorder.
This way it would really work as a fully integrated Live feature. No need to put and map one device per midi track.
Cheers, and sorry for the late reply.

Dickheads, well...
Patch created in Max 7 are backward compatible, but there's new objects and some of them are not backward compatible, because they make use of new technology.
So if your Max7 patch uses one of this new objects, ti won't work in previous version, and that makes complete sense ihmo.
These incompatible objects deals with stretching and pitch manipulation mostly, and this RevStretchR is based on this.

Yep, fixed. Excellent device !
I've noticed another thing though. If you use more than 1 device in the same set, it looks like the buffers are shared or something between devices.
So we can't really use more than a single device per set.

(using Max 7 of course)

Hi Ithkaa
For some reason the device doesn't work in Live. It records the audio, but the playback never starts.
It starts working when it's in edit mode, but not completely though. Only the first buffer plays.
It doesn't look like soothing is missing from the patch, but I didn't invest a lot.

Hi Hemau,
I didn't test the updated version yet. I don't know if it's what you fixed, but there was a bug with the "chord" function.
And, in this regard, I think the method you're using is not perfect... It would be really cool if we didn't have to select the number of notes we need in our chords. Simply add the last played note(s) as a step. I think it's just a matter of defining a "time gate" for the chords as we never really play all the notes of a chord in perfect synchronization; if the patch watches for the last 50ms and group the notes that'd be all good.

Hi Hemau,
I can't why you had problem with the "live_set view highlighted_clip_slot clip", there sure is a solution. That would make the device so much more useful.
Yeah, easy to make a floating window.
Maybe we should discuss this by email or PM.
I'm "valiumdupeuple" on ableton's forum. PM me there.

Those kind of patches can be really useful.
Unfortunately it's not possible to change Live's GUI elements color without feeding the undo history.

Taking the velocity from the incoming note would be cool also!

Hi Hemau,
This is a great device. However, I instantly though : "why not simply use the detail_clip or the highlighted_clip_slot to select the clip you want to record in?". It would be much more simple; just select the clip with your mouse and it's ready.
So I opened your patch to modify that, and discover that you're doing all the magic in a .js object... and unfortunately I don't know anything about js coding.
If you use "live.path live_set view detail_clip" each time a clip is selected it will send its id (and automatically be the one where the step recorder points at); but I think (from what I can understand in your js) that you're not directly using the clip's id to feed your function. Would it be possible to modify that ?

I think that the way the duration and length values are labeled is not very clear. Musical values would benefit imho.

Having the device as a floating window would also makes much more sense.

I'd love to help improving this device; if you need so I can, except for the js part...


Hi Oddeo,
No, but I could add that quite easily. The thing is: you won't be able to edit in arrangement without your screen even if you had this timing information display. That would be a huge step backward in music creation/production ! That doesn't make a lot of sense IMHO. Push is way better that using any other controller or you mouse+keyboard to play with the session view, which is a kind of an "instrument" view. The arrangement is here to edit,arrange... and things that hugely benefit from a screen.
The idea of my device is to be able to leave the mouse + keyboard as more as possible in arrangement and use Push instead. But the screen is unbeatable for arrangement !

I'm still amazed by this wonderful synth.

Yep 3phase. BTW you can download a fully functional demo version of the device on my website (link above). The device will just disappear after 10 minutes and you'll have to reload it to test it more.

Funky device !

Well done, nice cleaning of the Lil'midienvolepe device/concept.

Acually the device doesn't always work correctly. Most of the time the left/right gain reduction is applied but not the panning.
I didn't really examine the device, but it simple and it might be a simple bug.
I'll have a look and let you know.

Hi ssrmpc.
This is a great device, however, you should just made the 2 pan knobs "stored only" because as it is now, it conflicts with the automations and thus the BTS/ BTA buttons as soon as something is recorded.

Well done Sir !

Exporting the wavetable did already work. But of course I didn't thought about just dropping the file to load it :-)
BTW, so now I guess that it's the only way toward it. No way to save a (pencil-drawn) user wavetable in the device itself as part of a preset ? If you use a custom waveform, save a preset of the synth, you have to drag the saved (exported) waveform each time you load this preset (I mean ableton device preset here, inside the browser). That is not the most convenient thing, but...

Don't know if I'll test the 1.1 version tonight, I might need to go to sleep at some point.
I'm totally blown away by your synth ! Noise machine from hell !!!

And the sound of course. Unique synth.

Well, sure there are things to clarify, but with this kind of audio toys I like to scratch my head around what's not obvious.
But, here's one question I didn't explored and like the answer without head scratching:
I find that I can save my wavetables if I "draw" them with "instructions", great. But, is there a way to save a pencil-drawn wavetable ?
Congratulation, those envelopes! the modulation tab! the layout, the feedback routines... huge !!!!

Hi Pechmann.
I'm discovering your synth, and I'm quite excited, awesome work !
I guess in a few hours I'll take some time to understand some of its concept but for the moment I'm just having great fun.
Well done!

I've change the device here, with a @get as you suggested.

Yeah, good idea.
I don't think there's a PM system here on maxforlive. I'm Valiumdupeuple on Ableton's forum.
Maybe it would be simpler if you just post it here as a new device.

Yeah, good idea.
I don't think there's a PM system here on maxforlive. I'm Valiumdupeuple on Ableton's forum.
Maybe it would be simpler if you just post it here as a new device.

(No, sorry, everything's still working with my "big patch".)
I generally use modified object in which I add some deferlow here and there to "bypass" the "observation cannot trigger the change" thing. I know it's a little bit unorthodox, but it works well.
BTW, your suggestion works, but I still don't get what's different between the bit of patch I've posted here, and the one I use in my patch that works !!!

Thx for your input !
I took it out of my big control patch that is always on my default template, and it works perfectly within it. Strangely I had to modify little things for the version I've posted here but can't really figure out why...

... Ok, something must have change with the new max 6.1.5, the function is also messed up in my big patch + other part of it.
Investigations needed.

Hi iwaiwa. If you're interested you'll find an email address on my website. Just drop me a line and I'll give you my paypal address.
BTW, I don't have access to the credit card information, the payment method you see on my website is managed by a platform called gumroad. I use this because it simplify the process: I upload my device on the platform, you buy it, and the device is automatically sent to you. I know it's possible to do this with paypal, but it looks over-complicated to setting up. And, actually, it would be better for me to use paypal directly, because with gumroad I earn less money : gumroad takes a percentage, and then pay me through my paypal account, which takes an another percentage... but it's still so much simpler this way.

I've added a fully functionnal demo version of the device.
Just follow the link above.

It actually is the fixed price (4.99€), or more if you want.
Sorry if it's not clear on gumroad.

You don't have to open up the device each time. Just calibrate it once and then save it!

Hey people !
Due to a little error, the 4th knob on the device didn't control the parameter it was attached to.
If you didn't solve the problem by yourself, I've update the device (it's still version 1.0 though).

Hangarsliquides, the automations are recorded into the actual midi clip. You can record automations while recording the clip, or you can start recording a clip, play your melody, stop the recording and then switch to OVR mode to overdub automations.
Hope this is clear.

Regarding midi-mapped knobs crazyness:
I've notice this same problem with other devices... all of them can be open in a "floating window" and the problem occurs only when they're open.
This might be a bug.

I have a very similar patch in standby so it's very instructive to look at your work. Great device, beautifull outside and inside.

That's what it's all about.
I agree with you: the point is that one can use the power of his mind and stop that... "deluge" simply by using a relflex his brain is used to know well: Focusing the problem and pressing escape the faster he can;-)
(sorry for my english)

You have to put the sigmund~ and audiounit~ .mxo files in your Max folder under cycling'74 > msp externals.
But they are supposed to be with the file I've provided (thanks to the freeze function). If you open the device, can't you see the audiounit~ object and the singmund~ one (this last one is the AudioToMidiMono patcher)?
I didn't try the Sonnus, but I've read that it's a great tool with almost no latency... and my patch as a noticeable latency.
Actually I've just made it the day I've post it here and it needs improvement, mostly regarding the pitch detection accuracy.
I'm starting to look at what is possible with polyphonic pitch detection, but I'm a new max user and I have a lot of things to learn.

The audiounit~ external is in beta, as you can see here
So maybe that's an explanation.
For now you are 2 persons / 37 downloads who have problems. We don't know if it works well for the others.
However, I'll make a version using the vst~ object soon to see if you can get better result. Or maybe you can try by yourself.
Let me know if you do it.

It works for me, I can load all my synths (as you can see on the picture with an example of an instance of Automat loaded).
Have you tried to open the device and refresh the "getplugins"?

Its purpose is not to midi out anything.
The monophonic source pitch is converted tp midi note, and then it is sent to the loaded plug-in.
When you load the patch, it should automatically browse your component folder and list your audiounit plug-ins.
Just select a synth in the umenu.
Now if you click the open/close button, your plug-in window should open.
You can now play the synth with your guitar or whatever monophonic source.