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No problem man, your devices are usable anyway (the GUI is not a big problem)!
Thanks for the fix, the line is still a little thicker than your image, but definitely better; colors fixed!
Thank you!

still strange GUI in new versions, here is another image:

thank you for the constant update of your devices!
Unfortunately the new GUI looks strange compared to the previous ones (thickness, colors):
Is it just me?

Hi, with new Render-Vel version 2.0 the crash is fixed, thanks a lot!

Black/blank window?? It doesn't work

Great device, thank you for the fix on the relaunch!
I've noticed the horiz zoom is less responsive than in Futility II, is it for the different coding?

It's strange, now the 1.5.1 GUI is ok but the crash is back again. I don't undestrand, if I try to load 1.5 it doesn't crash (but it is blank/white), but back with the 1.5.1 the bug starts over. GUI problem/crash?? Really strange

Hey! Thank you for the update, the crash is gone now, but unfortunately the device's GUI is blank/white:

latest Live version, win10 1803 64bit, it crashes at the moment of insertion after the Render.
But I noticed that it also crashes if I insert it before the Render, and also if I remove the Render and insert the Conv in the same track or in any onther track of the Ableton project. Same thing if I remove all devices and insert the Conv again; on the contrary the Render can be inserted and remove without problems.
I don't know what it is, but it seems like an object or something that is locked/used by the Render and the Conv can't access it; so if I insert in the track the Conv and the Render in a second moment it works (just for this one track), but every other combination results in the error/crash.

Thanks for your work, have a nice day.

I've bought a couple of your devices (great tools, thanks!!), but Live10 crashes if I insert this Conv-Vel 1.4 after Render-Vel 1.2 ("A serious program error has occurred. Live will shut down after this message box is closed").
I can insert separately Render-Vel or Conv-Vel without problems, but if I use them together (Conv after Render) the crash message pops up.
Is this a bug?