Feb 09

Electronic Music and Sound Design Volume 2
Volume 2 in the Electronic Music and Sound Design series by Cipriani Alessandro and Giri Maurizio is now available! These books detail using Max for sound design in a powerful style that alternates between theoretical chapters, and practical use with some thing for all levels.

Though nearly all content from both books applies to Max for Live, Volume 2 contains specific content just for Max for Live users such as:

IE.1 An introduction to MAX for LIVE
IE.2 Basics – creating an audio effect with M4L
IE.3 Virtual instruments with M4L
IE.4 Max MIDI effects
IE.5 Live API and Live Object Model (LOM)
List of Max objects, List of Attributes, messages and actions for specific Max objects

These 2 books are highly recommended for anyone looking to go deep to open up new worlds by creating your own instruments and effects with Max for Live.

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