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LFO MOD with Sync Map 1.0 by tpk
1 Comments lfo, utility
I grafted on a few buttons to set value for 1/48 - 1/4 and added an expander in the top right corner. Use this to quickly set values on stage or in the studio (more info)

Performer 1.1 by marmessier
338 downloads, 3 Comments lfo, sequencer
Inspired by Performer modulator in Massive synth. I create that because this is one of the reason why massive is quite unique in term of modulation. (more info)

CSWS 006 TC25 Max for Live 1.1.4 by Ruslan
0 Comments synth, lfo, other
Exponential Ethernet feeder for VLF transmission. CSWS006 - Web Shop #006 Release date: 01-11-2015 Transmission: Real-time, Signal-rate Buffer size: 2048 samples Transport quantization: 512PPQ Grid:... (more info)

CSWS 002 FF8 Max for Live 1.0.8 by Ruslan
0 Comments synth, lfo, other
The quantized Ethernet feeder for VLF transmission. CSWS002 - Web Shop #002 Release date: 17-04-2015 Transmission: Real-time, Signal-rate Buffer size: 1024 samples Transport quantization: 256PPQ Gri... (more info)

TrevoScrub-TxT .947 by thenthorn
1 Comments sampler, lfo, other, push
TrevoScrub-TxT is one of the TrevoScrub Max for Live plugins that will run in Ableton Live with optional Push control. TrevoScrub-TxT combines the Mac OS X text-to-speech capabilities with MSP audio p... (more info)

Side Chain Tool 1.0 by techbuzz
731 downloads, 2 Comments lfo, utility
This is the one features I wanted from LFO tool. It was easy to build and I wanted to share this device incase anyone else wanted it. There is aYouTube video showing how to use the tool. Enjoy! (more info)

Synthcore 2.3 by ernestm
1 Comments synth, lfo, effect
Synthcore 2 is one of the most powerful analog emulation synthesizers ever made, based on features from the OSCAR and Waldorf Q (both of which, as you may know, were discontinued because they were too... (more info)

Sidechain Timing Helper 1.0 by walrusmuse
720 downloads, 0 Comments lfo, effect, utility
This little fella helps to translate note values into the release control of a compressor. This allows you to quickly dial in rhythmically-synced sidechain compression. Of course, you can use the Pu... (more info)

SEMPLER 1.0 by Noisscoko
2501 downloads, 2 Comments synth, drum, sampler, lfo, sequencer, effect, glitch, other, beta
SEMPLER is a sequence based sampler that allows you to play and improvise from audio files in many different ways. You can use it's eight step sequencer to set up parameters and values, that can also ... (more info)

Godel 3.2 by ernestm
1 Comments synth, lfo, sequencer, effect
Distrobuted as MAX project, because compiled file is >100MB. Download size is ~25MB. * New in 3.2: Completely open Max design; 3x-oversampled SVF filter now has 4-D table-based gain compensation, co... (more info)

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