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Drunken - Random walk 1.0 by BillyNotReally
98 downloads, 0 Comments lfo, utility, other
A random walk patch able to automate several parameters at the same time. -Control on how fast it "walks" -Different Step Sizes for more extreme/subtle modulation -A filter to smooth the signal -Offse... (more info)

Conv-Vel 1.0 by KentaroSuzuki
0 Comments lfo, effect, utility, other, m4lhackevent
This is Midi Velocity Effector. (-Live10 Only-) The theme of this device is an intuitive Midi Velocity design. Therefore, it is possible to intuitively adjust the same adjustment as the built-in Vel... (more info)

Velocity Waves 1.0 by Dmoist
0 Comments lfo, utility
Velocity Waves is a LFO designed to modulate the velocity of a MIDI instrument in real time. Five waveforms can be used : Sine, Saw, Tri, Rect, Rand. It comprises a FM mode to add groove and unpredic... (more info)

Automation . Knob automator-randomizer 1.0 by tomme
0 Comments lfo, utility, other, hardware
This device allow to trigger an automation for a knob or a fader. You can trigger automation in 4 modes: 1) Alternate button: every click alternate high and low state 2) Toggle: 1 for "go to high", 0... (more info)

Teenage Engineering OP-1 CC Randomizer 1.1 by randomknobs
1 Comments lfo, sequencer, effect, utility, glitch, other, hardware
A device that makes your beloved Teenage Engineering OP-1 a bit more modular. 4 x step sequencers with own speeds and durations for MIDI LFO control. Various randomisation options for pattern creation... (more info)

LFDUO 1.3 by akihiko
0 Comments synth, lfo, sequencer, effect, utility, other, hardware, dj, m4lhackevent, beta, push
Synced Dual LFO with CV Audio Out Mode for Ableton Live. Demo Movie https://youtu.be/QxH9XCo6MDA. for eurorack modular synth demo https://youtu.be/OrXNaaXh4S4 Other Plugins. http://akihikomatsumoto.... (more info)

RHYTHMICANA 1.0 by iandicke
0 Comments drum, lfo, sequencer, glitch, other
A MIDI arpeggiator/sequencer device that mimics Henry Cowell and Léon Theremin’s Rhythmicon (1931), the world’s first electronic drum machine. All rhythmic pulses are derived from the rate of th... (more info)

Expression Mapper 1.2.1 by Oktagon
237 downloads, 0 Comments lfo, utility, other, beta
Expression Mapper is a modulation device that allows the user to specify the modulation behaviour using javascript expressions. It provides 8 control value parameters that can be renamed to make more ... (more info)

0 Comments lfo, utility, glitch, dj
It's been ages! I like original LFO.amxd. The mapping is useful. But I had some dissatisfaction. This device has been improved practicaly. Check the video! (more info)

Bit Crash Folder 1.0 by akihiko
0 Comments synth, sampler, lfo, sequencer, effect, utility, glitch, other, hardware, dj, m4lhackevent, beta, push
Industrial crasher audio plugin for Ableton Live. Demo Movie. https://youtu.be/74njHipH2B0 (more info)

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