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PS3 Knobs 1.0 by Thomsonaudio
624 downloads, 1 Comments hardware
This is a device to let you use a PS3 controller to control anything you like within Live. This device is made for Mac really as you can connect your controller to your your mac easily via bluetoot... (more info)

Master Monitor 1.2.0 by Thomsonaudio
2522 downloads, 9 Comments utility
Really only any use when in arrangement view. Stick it on the master track, it lets you see whats going on in a mixer style view . Volume control and solo buttons. Has 20 tracks but if you want m... (more info)

V-Arp 1.4.0 by Thomsonaudio
2852 downloads, 2 Comments effect, other
*Update 1.4.0* You get more reps on the arp, now continues till note off. Up/Down for each arp plus random and really random buttons which automate the change of the up/down *Update 1.4.0 Velocit... (more info)

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