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Name/Version: Triode CTRL 1.0
Author: gbravetti  
Description: Triode Meeblip CTRL facilitates the creation and recalling of “presets” for the Meeblip Triode. The idea is to save “presets” as single value envelopes on MIDI Clips (which can also contain MIDI notes and standard automation). Then by recalling those Clips you can automate “preset” changes, undo parameter changes you may do playing live, either directly on the Triode, or from a surface controller.

Besides standard controls three special functions are provided:

1) Force Send All Controls. (FORCE SEND)

You should use this automated on the very beginning of any Clip that contains a Triode CTRL “preset” (in the form of envelopes) to ensure all parameters are sent. This is needed because there is no MIDI feedback from the Triode, so Live doesn’t knows which parameters could have been altered. You can automate this button or MIDI map it for remote re-sending. My advice is to use one time per “preset”. To recover only Physical Parameters (those you can access directly on the Triode) use Physical Controls Resend instead.

2) Physical Controls Resend (PHY RESEND)

Useful to recover a “preset” after some live action on the physical controls on your Triode. If you didn’t change any "MIDI only parameter" either from here or from a Surface Controller (like the Push), you’ll probably want to use this function instead of "Force Send All Controllers" to avoid sending unnecessary data through your MIDI port. You can automate this button or MIDI map it for remote recovering.

3) Envelope Draw Helper (DRAW HELPER)

This function helps creating automation envelopes by modulating a quick step on each parameter that can be recorded as manual parameter changes to a Clip on Ableton.

- First on Ableton activate “Automation Arm” and “Arm Session Recording” for the track you are using Triode CTRL.

- Then also on Ableton press the record button on a free Slot. Now while recording go to Triode CTRL and press the Draw Helper button.

- Stop Ableton, go to the Envelopes on the Clip you just created, turn off the Loop, and move the Clip’s start point after the envelopes quick step.

Now you can load this “preset” by Launching that Clip.

This control can’t be automated.

Happy controlling!

Any doubt feel free to contact me by mail

...or through my Facebook page


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Downloads: 192
Tags hardware
Live Version Used: 9.6.2
Max Version Used: 7.2.4
Date Added: Nov 14 2017 03:23:13
Date Last Updated: Nov 14 2017 03:29:24
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Device File: Triode CTRL 1.0.amxd


Nicely done, peeking inside it's clear that people who know what they're doing write different Max patches than I do ;-)

@chaircrusher Thanks :) Anyway I'm sure there is a lot to improve.

really useful. thanks!

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