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Name/Version: Synthcore 2.3
Author: ernestm  
Description: Synthcore 2 is one of the most powerful analog emulation synthesizers ever made, based on features from the OSCAR and Waldorf Q (both of which, as you may know, were discontinued because they were too expensive to build in hardware). The monophonic version is available for free download in Windows 32/64, Mac OS X, and open-source Cycling'74 Max 7 code. Main features include:

* 3 oscillators, with feedback, FM, four kinds of sync, phase control, ring modulation, and dual output mixing; 61 morphing waveforms, including: pulse, saw, and triangle oscillators with newest EPTR anti-aliasing technology; Karplus physical modeling; multiple filtered noise options; 48 cross-sampled waveset oscillators; and sub oscillator.

* 2 comb filters, both with pitch tracking.

* 2 5-d serial/parallel, 2/4-pole, 3x-oversampled SVF filters, with continuous control of: filter type; number of filter poles; drive + saturation: cutoff; resonance; serial/parallel output; and output pan.

* 3 envelopes. Predelay and 7-stage breakpoint included. Multi, single, loop, and clock triggers.

* 3 LFOs, all with morphing waveforms, gate sync, and freq. control.

* Modulation matrix with 15 nodes, each scalable from any of 60 sources to 135 destinations. Sample and hold, gated, and MIDI sources available. Many compound sources and destinations for rapid patching. Fixed- and variable-source modulations may shape and scale each other within the matrix.

* Multi-mode glide and glissando, with unique glissando pattern generator.

* Stereo effects chain with 2 tempo delays, 8-band chorus, realistic reverb, and advanced limiting.

* Toggle-mode monophonic keyboard. Notes may optionally be stored in programs.

* Flexible multi-channel architecture functions like a modular synth without needing rewiring. Monitor outputs at all mix points. LFOs, envelopes, and other modulation sources may modulate effects parameters.

Synthcore will require multithreading for polyphony, and multithreading is not currently supported in M4L devices, so it is implemented as a standalone device with MIDI I/O. I am not planning to release a polyphonic version for a while, but the source is provided openly, as well as a 100-function gen~ library, and tested runtime versions for Mac Os, win32, and win64 are available for download it you do not own Max/Msp.

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Tags synth, lfo, effect
Live Version Used: 9.6.2
Max Version Used: 7.2.4
Date Added: Feb 06 2017 16:05:28
Date Last Updated: Not updated yet
Device Type: midi_device
Download URL (report link)
License (more info): None


Its free?! it must have taken forever to patch all that.

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