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Name/Version: MDD ARPOoO 1.0
Author: maximedangles  
Description: ARPOoO (ARP ONE o ONE) is an inspired arpegiator between Roland Jupiter 6 and SH 101 sequencer.

First thing, the notes : It makes notes with any midi input. Easy !

Triggers in ARPOoO : Think like if you have a rimshot (it's working like that with roland) or trig into the clock input of the sequencer. So, you can keep it as a normal arpegiator with all triggers "ON" or remove some to create new complex sequence/Groove of notes.

The 3 modes in ARPOoO,

- Stack notes (Jupiter 6) : Just play a chord, ARP section play this chord in different directions, in different range of octaves.

- Recorded Notes (Sh 101) : Use "Write Notes" to play a sequence of notes manualy and after that use "Read Seq" to play it ! "ARP" works in this mode too :)

- Transpose : Midi input transpose the all sequence of "Staked" or "Recorded" notes.

///// My advice : Record the midi output of ARPOoO to another midi track to save the sequence /////


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Downloads: 1088
Tags sequencer
Live Version Used: 9.6.2
Max Version Used: 7.2.4
Date Added: Dec 20 2016 10:44:00
Date Last Updated: Dec 23 2016 09:08:18
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Device Type: midi_device
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Device File: MDD___ARPOoO.amxd


someone has a problem with reading the selectors ?
some friends told me they can't see what words are write (beacuse it's grey on white, but it's black on white for me)... i tryed of 3 differents computers and i can't get this bug.... please let know ;)

Salut!! bon les mecs ?a marche le truc de Maxime ou pas?? Merci pour votre retour!! A toute Charles

This device is amazing! I love it so much I want to seek out a hardware sequencer besides the 101 that works in this manner. Thanks so much for your hard work. It's much appreciated!

Hi there, I know I can capture the midi notes while the device is playing but I'm wondering if it's possible to modify this device so that you can save patches either in the device itself or with the live set? That would be amazing. Thanks!

simple et efficace ! tout ce que j'aime !! merci max !

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