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Name/Version: Stupid Simple TB-03 1.0
Description: Stupid Simple TB-03

This patch is a simple solution to automating and controlling the Roland Boutique TB-03 Bass Line synthesizer. Optimized for use with the Push 1 and 2.


- Install TB-03 USB Driver from Roland website
- Option 1: Set Live Audio prefs to have TB-03 as Audio Input Device
- Option 2: Plug audio out of TB-03 to an Audio In channel of your interface
- Set Live Midi prefs to:
TB-03 In: Track-On, Remote-On
TB-03 Out: Track-On, Remote-On (Sync-On is optional if you plan to run patterns/FX off the unit)
- Set the channel MIDI To: TB-03, Ch. 2
- Option 1: Set up an external instrument device after the Stupid Simple TB-03 with the audio coming in from 1/2
- Option 2: Set up a new Audio track with inputs coming from 1/2 and set to IN or AUTO

There are two ways to control the knobs.
The first is the more integrated Ableton method in which you manually midi map the TB-03’s controls to the individual knobs. With this method you can easily record automation like you would with any other midi controller. This means that recording automation over patterns in Arrangement mode is a breeze, especially with the PUSH. The downside to this is that you have to remap these controls each time you want to control a new instance (Unless using PUSH).

The second method utilizes the default commands that are sent over USB Midi from the TB-03. By engaging the “HW Control” button, you can control whatever instance’s track is record enabled at the time. Once automation is written, disengage the “HW control” button and live will play it back. If the “HW Control” button is left engaged, the unit will send a midi loop causing the automation to overwrite and disengage. The downside to this method is that you need to make 2 midi tracks to fully control the synth. One for notes/velocity, one for control messages.

Some helpful info about the TB-03 Midi for using Ableton's sequencer:
Note Velocity 1-99: Accent Off
Note Velocity 100-127: Accent On
To slide have the starting note overlap the second note slightly

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Device File: Stupid Simple TB-03 by TEAM BANZAI.amxd

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