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Name/Version: DP.HouseHat 2.6
Author: DP  
Description: Designed with deep-house and techno in mind, this powerful and easy-to-use hi-hat synth might change the way you shape the "tsst" in your "boom tsst boom tsst"-production.

Main features:
- 20 gain-adjustable resonant BP filters, tuned in harmonic series w/ frequency and Q spread setting
- Automation-enabled length scaling ("closed hat" to "open hat" dynamics)
- Ability to map velocity to length scaling
- Adjustable master amplifier curve
- Adjustable master overdrive curve
- Adjustable master LP and HP filter curves
- Adjustable velocity mapping curve
- Ability to set velocity to a fixed value
- Preset system with external files

Besides creating custom hi-hat sounds DP.HouseHat is also capable of producing a wide variety of experimental oneshots like laser guns, garbage cans and mumbling aliens.

Quick start guide:
1. Create a folder for your presets, somewhere on your Mac or PC
2. Open Ableton, load DP.HouseHat and click the "..."-button in the presets section
3. Select the folder you just created
4. Hit the save button, enter a preset name and hit the "OK"-button
5. Next time you'll open your Ableton Live project, DP.HouseHat will load your preset again

Make sure to always save your settings into preset files, as settings won't be saved within the Ableton Live set itself!

Version history:

--- 2.6 update ---
Revamped preset system (better user experience)

++ Additional search terms: hihat, hi hat, hi-hat, percussion, drums, cymbal ++

M4L device designed and programmed by Dutch interaction designer Daan Pothoven

Please check out my latest release, a 100% synthesis kick drum synth, called ULTRAKICK:

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Downloads: 2581
Tags synth, drum
Live Version Used: 9.7.3
Max Version Used: 7.3.4
Date Added: Jul 15 2016 02:59:42
Date Last Updated: Dec 11 2017 08:57:40
Average Rating (1) 5
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Device Type: instrument_device
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License (more info): AttributionNonCommercialShareAlike

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Device File: DP.HouseHat.amxd


Enjoy and feel free to share links to your productions in which DP.HouseHat has been used ;).

Great to see an update! Very good features added. I?m using the House Hat since first version.

settings won`t get saved within live set! (like in on older version 1.2?!)
newest Max + Live - Win7pro

@M1O Thank you for your comment. About the settings: this is a design decision - settings can only be saved in external preset files and won't be saved in the live-set anymore. In older versions of DP.HouseHat the multislider object (BP filters gain settings) would flood Ableton's undo-history. This problem is now solved :).

Ah - so, when i save the preset inside the device then save the live set -will live load the project with the correct preset?

Ah - so, when i save the preset inside the device then save the live set -will live load the project with the correct preset?

@M1O That is correct! Have fun!

Great device, thx!

Hi mate, really love it! Am I allowed to synthesise Hi-hats from scratch using your device and then include the synthesised samples into a samplepack that would be for sale on online stores? Would appreciate your advice.

@peyot86 Mate, thanks! Let's discuss this over e-mail: info [at]

Please tell How to integrate sound into this device?

@Westboy: What do you mean exactly?

Hi, I think this is probably the best drum synthesis device around. It's right up there with the skinnerbox tools. It's really great.

I have one edit I always make for this kind of device though, I can highly recommend that. "contdata 1" to the multislider. Makes it a lot more responsive when tweaking it live.

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