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Name/Version: Max4live Phonetic Filter Sequencing Support 2
Author: pepsi7up  
Description: NOTE: The device will not work if the folder where you save the espeakdb file is read-only
NOTE: If you downloaded this device before 05/21/13 then you will need to download the additional files again from the mediafire file link - there was a problem where new programs were not being loaded in the editor. The device may not add the names of new programs into the sequencer. Until this issue can be addressed, Close out of the session after adding programs.
The Espeak Filter Program device is a Max4live audio effect for sequencing a bandpass filter bank with phonetic data. The term phoneme comes from linguistics and represents a unit of meaning within the sound system of a language. The plugin device concept that corresponds to this definition is the Filter Program, which represents a sequence of filter presets labelled phonemes. The Program Editor screen has controls to facilitate sequencing filter presets. The Phoneme Editor screen has a frequency, height & bandwidth table as well as controls for performing data manipulation from within the device.

1. copy the Espeak Filter Program.amxd device file to your Live library/Presets/Audio Effects/Max Audio Effect folder
2. copy scriptTool.jar to Max 5.0\Cycling '74\java\lib
3. copy the espeakdb file to the Max folder

The Phoneme Editor formant table has to have 7 rows. The filter banks on each channel are fixed at 7 filters at this time. Some filters will retain frequency, amplitude & Q state if there are less than 7 rows in a formant table.
Instances of this device will cache all information about presets the first time it is loaded into a session and when the RESET button is clicked. Click the RESET button on the plug-in after changes are made in the Phoneme Editor or the Program Editor.

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Downloads: 305
Tags effect, utility
Live Version Used: 8.3.2
Max Version Used: 5
Date Added: May 13 2013 03:02:44
Date Last Updated: Jul 02 2013 19:43:49
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Device Type: audio_device
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Device File: Espeak Filter Program.amxd

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