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Name/Version: UltomatonM4LMidi 1.1
Author: ithkaa  
Description: "UltomatonM4L midi" is a m4l-port of (a part of) my Ultomaton Max patch. It uses Conway's Game of Life to calculate and randomize events. These events can be mapped to any mappable parameter within Live.

Explanatory Notes :

set rate : Set the speed at which Conway's Game of Life refreshes and evolves (in milliseconds). (!) Increasing this value will decrease the chance of 'creating an event'.

trigger ultomaton : Ultomaton can be activated in various ways. By default it sets to be activated manually. One can also test incoming note values or velocities to an internal module, which decides whether or not ultomaton will start/stop.

dial behaviour : Set dial 1 to 4 to jump or ramp up to the next calculated value

chance % : set the amount of chance to create an event.

chance t % : set the amount of chance to trigger ultomaton when testing note value/velocity.

MIDI-mapping :

rotaries :

- Set Target to 'On' to enable the automation created by the Conway module
- Press 'Map' and click on a parameter within Live to link the calculated automation to the chosen parameter
- if the "Once" option is set to on, the Map function will be auto-disabled as soon as a parameter is selected to avoid unwanted further selections.
- set a custom minimum and maximum value
- bang/toggle : chose to bang, toggle or set a value for a chosen parameter

a demo of the device can be found here :

- conway module inspired by : ("maxlife" monome patch)
- midi-mapping inspired by Ryan Challinor's "Max Kinect" devices

feel free to share/modify ...


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Downloads: 584
Tags utility, beta
Live Version Used: 8.3
Max Version Used: 5.1.9
Date Added: Aug 24 2012 05:08:55
Date Last Updated: Sep 04 2012 11:46:25
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Device Type: midi_device
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License (more info): AttributionNonCommercialShareAlike

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Device File: UltomatonM4LMidi.amxd


Cool device. Thanks!

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