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Name/Version: CS-808 1.3
Author: ClusterSound  
Description: CS-808 is a collection of 16 sample-based drum instruments replicating the sound of the 16 modules of the Roland TR-808. It features 4900+ samples managed by combo sample selectors, a set of extra controls to shape the sounds and a super friendly user interface.


Each drum instrument is equipped with its own combo sample selector, based on the original parameters available on the TR-808 and linked to large arrays of samples. The concept behind the combo selectors is as simple as effective.

Take for example the original TR-808 Bass Drum module, comprising of Tone, Decay and Accent parameters. If you split each parameter in 11 steps (for example from 0 to 10 as on the original hardware), you obtain 1331 possible combinations (11*11*11).

And in fact, the CS-808 Bass Drum module is based on 1331 samples. So, when you select Accent, Tone or Decay in your CS-808 BD module, you are loading and playing the sample related to that precise parameter combination of the original TR-808.


In addition to the original TR-808 parameters/selectors (Accent - Decay - Tone - Tuning - Snappy), the 16 drum instruments feature also a set of extra controls not present in the original TR-808 but very useful to shape the sounds :

- Level
- Vol-Vel
- Normalizer
- Pitch
- Pitch Env. Depth
- Pitch Env. Decay
- Pitch Env. Slope
- Filter Type (LP - HP - BP - BS)
- Filter Cutoff
- Filter Resonance
- Duration

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Tags drum
Live Version Used: 9.5
Max Version Used: 7.2
Date Added: Mar 16 2016 14:34:19
Date Last Updated: Mar 16 2016 15:33:24
Device Type: instrument_device
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License (more info): None


i want to buy this but i don't want to create an account. is there a way to buy without registering?

No, there isn't. Sorry

No, there isn't. Sorry

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