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Name/Version: Bass Station 2 Remote 1.0
Author: Protonica  
Description: KEY FEATURES
• Total recall: When you open a Live Project, all the saved values are automatically sent to the Bass Station II hardware
• Load and save patches in Ableton
• Send patches from the plugin to the Bass Station II edit buffer and save it from there (so the plug-in will not destroy your patches by mistake)
• While editing any knob from the Bass Station II hardware, you can see it moving directly from the plugin (Tempo and Volume can't be received by default)
• Edit all sound and most of the function parameters (bi-directional)
• Precise automation & modulation of all sound parameters
• Patch Randomizer
• Low CPU usage
• 69 Factory Patches included (download seperately)

1) Download "Bass Station 2 by Protonica.amxd" and copy it to: Ableton/User Library/Presets/MIDI Effects/Max MIDI Effect
2) Download and unzip "": and copy it to any location you like (click in Ableton's Browser "Add Folder" and select the folder of the Factory Patches)
3) Drag & Drop "Bass Station 2 by Protonica.amxd" from Ableton's Browser (Max for Live -> Max MIDI Effect) on a new MIDI track in Ableton Live
4) Drag & Drop an "External Instrument" to the same MIDI track and set the MIDI and Audio routings according to your setup.
5) Open Ableton's Preferences and go to the MIDI/Sync Tab. Activate "Track" and "Remote" for both MIDI ports your Nord Lead is connected to (Input & Output). Activating "Sync" on your MIDI Port Output to be able to sync the LFO's and Arp is optional

• Connect 2 MIDI cables to the MIDI Input and MIDI Output from the Bass Station II to your Audio/MIDI Interface or use the USB cable
• MIDI Channel: 1 (Press Function + Upper G#)
• Local Control: OFF (to avoid glitches and double notes) (Press Funtion + Upper A) -> this setting is not permanent after turning the power off!

1.0 Initial Release

+ Novation Bass Station II
+ Ableton Live with Max for Live
+ Some bucks in case you find this device useful
+ Mac or PC

Developed by Piet Kaempfer (Protonica)

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Downloads: 1395
Tags utility, hardware, push
Live Version Used: 9.1.2
Max Version Used: 6.1.7
Date Added: Sep 29 2015 12:19:12
Date Last Updated: Jan 21 2017 07:05:15
Average Rating (2) 5
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Device Type: midi_device
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License (more info): AttributionNonCommercialNoDerivatives

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Device File: Bass Station 2 by Protonica.amxd


For years I've been waiting for reliable, VST/Max4Live editor that functions flawlessly with bi-directional feedback and allows the user to save/recall locally. I can't thank you enough for this lovely device and will be depositing a reward shortly. Cheers.

cool! :)

Hi Piet,
looks good on first sight!

From my first tries & understanding it works really great if you start with the presets you provide.
then every change is recorded & you can save within Ableton & on the machine.

is there a way to import presets i have already made on the machine, or maybe by using sysex-data?

@defex currently it's not possible to import patches via sysex. I contacted Novation to ask for the sysex midi implementation but without luck. Don't get the politics behind hit... . Anyway there is a workaround by manually input: select a patch which you want to "import" and turn all knobs and submenus. On the bass station you see up and down arrows right from the lcd. When they both are not lighten it shows you the saved value. Hope it helps. (This way I transfered the Factory Patches)

hi piet,
yeah, and already strange in the first place that the company that does automap doesn't connect their products properly... they even have the Bass Station 1 VST - should be so easy for them to do do a controll-plugin for the bass station 2

but anyway... yours is just the next best thing, thanks!

and thanks for your suggestion!

Hi Piet, how can i change the Patch-ID number of saved presets?
I have found most things i need in the sourcecode, but that I could not figure out...

1. Load the preset
2. Change the Patch number
3. Save/overwrite the preset

Hi It would be perfect if you can reorder the push layout of this one:
The actual layout is useless in Push.
I'm gonna learn some M4L andtry to do it myself.

Trial version. It asks for donation promising a full version after money got paid. Donation made, full version never arrives and email to Protonica is ignored.

So other than the fact that the device freezes every 5 minutes it is not bad. Highly recommended for anyone who's attention span is less than 5 minutes.

Robert Bondi, Have you checked your email spam folder?

I have now received your email.

I don't think this statement is quite true though:
This device is free. If you'd like to reward me financially, that would be greatly appreciated.

Only a trial version is free, which asks for money and freezes every five minutes.

Don't get me wrong, it is definitely worth money but it is outright misleading to call it free. It is more like free to try.

true, i've changed it. thanks for the advice

Turned a few knobs. Everyting worked just fine...
And I didn?t need to stand up on every move I made.

You should have 50? from me any second.

We need guys like you! Keep it up!


Mental State, Stockholm

This looks great! =] sent my donation and (impatiently) waiting for my email lol

The arpeggiator isn't working on my push2 or other midi devices, I sort of expected this might be the case, so it isn't a biggie, I can use Lives arpeggiator) but still would be interesting to know.


got it figured, thanks again!

hey this is awesome, thank you!

everything seems to be working flawlessly EXCEPT my filter frequency knob.

for some reason when i use the knob on the hardware it only switches between 0 and 1 in the plugin. but it works fine if i play with it within the plugin, i would really appreciate some help! thank you

Hi, will this work with the Super Bass station ? (Rack version? )

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