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Name/Version: fp.Reverse 1.6.1
Author: eltnet  
Description: Real time reverser using [tapin~]-[tapout~] trick with a freeze mode.

Actually, with the straight mode and feedback, you can use it to repeat and freeze the sound like a stutterer. The name should be "fp.Repeat" with a reverse mode. :-)

v1.6 is more accurate and I added an Attack Decay envelope.

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Downloads: 5128
Tags effect
Live Version Used: 8.2.7
Max Version Used: 6.0.2
Date Added: Jan 03 2010 09:11:43
Date Last Updated: Dec 26 2012 15:49:59
Average Rating (2) 5
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Device Type: audio_device
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License (more info): AttributionNonCommercialShareAlike

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Device File: fp.Reverse.amxd


very good.
but it has 2 max num boxes (buffer and length) that better to replace by live num boxes.

Wondeful patch- clean, clear, and functional. Inline comments would be appreciated for those of us just getting a feel for max/msp (as well as to help elucidate some of the controls), but that's of course secondary to quality, which you've already got covered =).


@aton : for length (multiplicate) you can't change range of a live num box, so i used a max num but you can use automation. for buffer i don't remember why... maybe there's no reason. :-)

@nonagon : yep, even for me it could be useful sometimes to remember what i did after months...

This is the dogs of an effect, straight into my standard template, just what i'm looking for, map a joystick to the pitch paramter and it sounds wicked!


The length and buffer zeroes out (0) if I save and go back to the project.
To bad, if not for that bug it would be a standard here.

it doesn't do that on my system. strange.


I've been experiencing the same behavior since I first downloaded your patch. Unfortunately this makes it pretty useless for me.

Let me know if there's anything I can do to help you discover the source of the problem on our systems.

beautiful :)

"The length and buffer zeroes out" bug is corrected... :-)

new update is wicked! :)

O-la-la! Have to try it out asap!
Great job!

great stuff!!!

bug?: sometimes settings are lost after restart(every 5'th time or so)...
i saved a preset with my settings(pitch+-64...) in live for fast reload of instances. but it would be cool if i hadn't have to check it on every startup. :)

@hgt - what parameters are sometimes wrong ?

does what it says and does it WELL! thank you

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